How To Become An Affiliate Partner

As the name implies, we are an agency-owned MSP solution. We are proud to be affiliated with one of the nation’s leading healthcare staffing agencies; RTG Medical. While we do have our own staffing agency, our priority is to place the most qualified candidate as quickly as possible. We strongly believe in putting the needs of our clients first and not being concerned with our company’s internal fill rate percentages. We are a transparent and integrity-based company and treat our affiliate partners with respect. As a healthcare staffing agency ourselves, we understand the frustrations that arise from working with other MSP programs and we strive to be the easiest to work within the healthcare staffing industry. Partner with RTG Medical and experience the difference!


  • One Affiliate Partner Subcontractor Agreement providing access to all RTG MSP clients
  • Intuitive software platform offering personalized user functionality and experience
  • Payment to Affiliate Partners via ACH to ensure timely payment.
  • Timecard entry from any mobile device, reverse invoicing, and online real-time visibility of payment status
  • Affiliate Partner scorecards and reporting analytics are available in real-time.

Step 1

Call us or complete the form on the “Contact Us” page to get the process started.

Step 2

Review, agree and electronically sign the Affiliate Partner Subcontractor Agreement. Upload your W-9, Joint Commission certification (applicable for Acute Care setting only) and any state specific compliance requirements such as state nursing pool licenses or registrations. 

Step 3

Select the MSP clients that you want to support – you don’t have to beg us for more agreements. You’re in the driver’s seat!